“An entertaining film, thanks in no small part to Douglas' bravura performance…Prime family fare.”
Ronnie Scheib, VARIETY

An announcement regarding distribution of the film will be made shortly.

Synopsis: This bittersweet romance is inspired by Pierre Corneille's 17th century French comedy "L'illusion Comique" and reconceived in modern times.

With an unforgettable performance by Kirk Douglas, actor/director Michael Goorjian brings us ILLUSION, a beautifully crafted fable about what really matters at the end of the road. In thematic homage to “It's a Wonderful Life,” Mr. Baines (Kirk Douglas), a dying movie director, reflects back on a life of fame and fortune, realizing there was little else. Granting a final interview as he drifts in and out of consciousness, Baines is visited by his former trusted film editor (long since deceased) to review the footage of his life. Although never married, we learn of Baines illegitimate son, Christopher (Michael Goorjian), who he abandoned long ago. As Baines begins to watch the parallel drama of his estranged son's life unfold, he learns that much of Christopher's misfortunes have been determined largely by an inner voice of worthlessness resulting from Baine's own cowardly refusal to acknowledge his only son. A series of fateful mishaps conspire to thwart Christopher's passionate pursuit of his boyhood love (Isabelle) over the years, and Baines, in regrettable retrospect, futilely attempts to redirect the drama from his bedridden perch. As ‘the film' careens uncontrollably toward tragedy, Baines pleads desperately with his editor to alter the ending and “save the picture.” With one final chance, Baines may have the opportunity to help his son achieve what he never could—to love and to be loved.

-Kim Snyder, Hamptons Film Festival

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